A real videogame movie…

Even if I have not finished yet this title, I have decided to write this post because I think that it is a real gem in the “same old soup” titles of this last ten years.

2005: the game came out and I didn’t consider it because it was a graphical adventure. I remember only an ISO image left on a “everyone” shared area of a computer in my previous company.
2008: some colleagues of mine have suggested playing this game as “one of the best graphical adventure ever”….

I have began to play and I have noticed that the soundtrack has been written by Angelo Badalamenti (the man behind the “Twin Peaks” soundtrack). Good start.
Now it is one of the few games that involves myself: the story, the characters, the gameplay uses the PS2 PAD in a new way.

It’s amazing because you have to follow the ethical path and the angst of each character.

You have to play it or on a PS2 or using a PC, but with a PS2 pad or similar.

I hope that this involvement can last until the end!
…and now…in 2009…another gem by Quantic dream…”Heavy rain”; please check the teaser on YOUTUBE!


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