My first Commodore 64 game: SHAMUS

In these days I’m really busy and I’m really disappointed about the political life in Italy, so I have decided to post one of my first lovely games.

Shamus is a Berzerk clone for the Commodore 64. I think it was born at first on the Atari 400 and then on other computers like Vic20, Commodore 64 and so on…
I remember loading for the first time the tape “Numero 5” (number 5), made by my father…it took ages because of the loading time (about one hundred tape revs).
You are alone versus the Shadow, an unbeatable robot/monster, announced by a scary music if you stayed long time on a single screen.
You can play it using Vice, a Commodore 64 emulator.

For the curious the other games on the tape were:

Quintic warrior
Le Mans
Neutral Zone

another unknown title

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