Heavy rain, looking for the Origami killer

I’m not used to write about games before watching and analyzing them; in this case I made an exception.
At Christmas I received (not payed yet….thank you Luca…at the moment) a PS3.
Even if at home I have other nice “tools” (Microsoft XBox 360 Sony PS2, Nintendo Gamecube, a PSP FAT and a Nintendo DS Lite), I decided to “buy” the Sony’s third daughter mainly for two games:

I played and completed Fahrenheit (called also Indigo Prophecy), the previous game of Quantic dream studio and I liked very much.
The ending is not so good, but the ideas behind the game are original.
I think is one of the few “interactive movie” that I have finished in my history of video game player.
Now I have played the “four days” experience of Heavy Rain and the PS3 demo (won with the 4 day exp) and I can say that it can be a great masterpiece in the video game history.
Something that is really different from the “usual soup” of video games today.

Now I have to wait until February 24th, day of its release. Cross fingers before playing!

Fun regards,

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