Be tidy on your hard disks!

Are you fed up with hard disk space management on your workstation or desktop? Do you want to discover how many pictures you have to write on DVDs?
Now you can find an artistic way to solve this problem!
Windirstat is definitely THE solution! I DO like this solution!
You have to install the program, choose a folder or a disk and run it.
At the end, you will find a text and a graphical report of the unit you have analyzed.
It will show you the percentage of your jpg files, mp3s and so on; in this way you are able to discover some hidden subfolders that hide maybe programs or files that you downloaded some years ago and that are waiting to be saved on a DVD.

Nice, easy, artistic, psychedelic and…free!

Thank you Pietro, a Milestone colleague, for showing me this little gem!

Tidy cheers,