The Vista war continues

Vista WAR
Hi guys!
My Vista war continues. Despite the Service Pack 1 installation, my operating system is not really good as I would like to expect.
I spent much time this week trying to turn my Vista into a “XP 2.0 upgraded version that costs a lot of money“.
I turned off Aero, coming back to old style windows; I stopped some services that I don’t use. After doing that, I’m able to work but sometime the pc is still sloooooowwwwww.
I don’t mind now but, when I will be fed up with this situation, I will migrate to a pure Windows XP.
How is possible making an operating system like this? Why!!!!???
Why I have to use this operating system during my work activity, instead to use a MAC?
In the future I will use an Apple machine like MacBook Pro only!


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