I don’t believe it!! About 10 tips from Microsoft to increase Vista speed

My Vista war continues between randomly disk accesses and some strange freezing moments.
This morning, I came across this document. It is from Microsoft web site.
They suggest some ways to increase the speed of Windows Vista (wasn’t Vista an operating system with a faster boot procedure?).
I think that this list is one of the most humorous moment in this week.

I give you some MS suggestions. You can find the entire document
here and here.

* Delete programs you never use (if I don’t use them, they don’t wast resources they would not waste resource in terms of memory and cpu)
* Limit how many programs load at startup
* Defragment your hard drive (even if I just installed my operating system?)
* Clean up your hard disk
* Run fewer programs at the same time (where are the multitasking feature and the new resource assignment system?)
* Turn off visual effects (so I come back to Windows XP, like a version 2.0?)
* Restart regularly
* Add more memory (2 GB is not enough?!??!!?)
* Check for viruses and spyware
* Check your computerís speed
* Disable services you donít need (all people know what is a service…thank you for an operating system easy to use)
* Donít settle for slow

I want to use a MAC for my job, but I can’t…..WHY!?!?!?!?!

Easter cheers,

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