WinSCP – the one and the only?

Logo di WinSCP
At work, a colleague of mine asked me for an installation of Mediawiki suite. As usual, we set up the installation on one of my Debian/Ubuntu server, but…..a little “tragedy” was waiting for our little “mediawiki-users” group.

In the mediawiki suite you can find a lot of symbolic links.
As usual I have suggested using my favourite ftp client, Filezilla, but I have discovered that this client is not able to manage the symbolic links; so I have looked for another ftp client. After having tried the Total Commander ftp and other windows-native clients, I have tried to use WinSCP.

This program is a free SFTP, FTP client that manages in a right way the symbolic links and even the SCP, a legacy protocol used to transfer files and it has been the right choice!

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