Elisa – a divine spark

This evening spark is dedicated to Elisa, one of my favourite italian singer.

The first video is a milestone in my life; it was the final ceremony in Turin 2006 Winter Olimpic Games; I attended at the ceremony with a friend of mine that I didn’t meet for a longtime; the ceremony closed a very busy period in my job (I was following three projects in Toroc headquarters for my old company).
In the middle of ceremony the Elisa’s voice, Luce, broke in. It was a very amazing moment, that I care in my heart.

Talking in these days about Elisa with an english colleague of mine, I want to share two of most famous video that you can find on You Tube.

The second one is dedicated to my foreign friends, it’s the soundtrack of the film “Casomai”.

Shining cheers!


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