The warriors – a perfect tie-in?

I don’t like tie-in; in the majority of the releases they are an awful mix of mini games.

There are some examples in the history where the videogames have tried to extend the history of the film and the results have been absolutely brilliant!!

Ghostbuster (David Crane – Activision, Commodore 64), Ghostbuster 2 (Dynamix, Activision, PC version), Alien (Argus Press Software, Spectrum and Commodore 64) and one of the latest titles (waiting for Ghostbuster on June 2009) “The Warriors” for Playstation 2 and PSP.

Playing the game, you can live the history of the film and the events that come before it.
Rockstar games, the GTA’s people, made a really great job for both PS2 and PSP version. I didn’t see the XBOX 1 version but I think it’s almost the same.

Great because of the script, the game gives a boost to the player immediatly when you see the computer graphic intro that is the same of the film, where you can read the credits of the game in (awesome!).

On PSP, the game is a masterpiece because of its conversion; I finished on the PS2 version and I decided to buy it for my PSP.
You can play as its best if you put the ISO content on your memory stick (if your PSP is able to do it); in this way the loading times are really really fast and this feature can improve its playbility.

On the following links you can see the trailer of the game and the real movie.