How your work can influence the people’s free time

People do crazy things using our games. This video is one of the examples!
I think they can really have fun making a movie like this.

Related to these thoughts, I like to share with you this episode. Some days ago I had a speech in an high school near Turin. The topic was “The development process in the videogame world“.
When the Motogp 08 movie introduction ended, the crowd clapped with joy….and in this moment I understood that I can be happy because of my job!

Maybe in the following posts I will report carefully the result of my first speech about my job!
It has been a great experience!!

Happy cheers,

XCom on Steam!!!

Last week Valve gave you a “gift”: they released on STEAM 5 (five) XCom titles; price about $16.

X-COM: Complete Pack; in the link, you can visit the page of the first episode.

I have already bought them! On saturday, I was happy like a child!!!
In the image you can see my little start menu with the XCom’s icons.
If you like the online gaming with UFO, you have to download UFO2000, the multi-player remake that permits to try to challenge a human over the Internet, instead of one of the smartest artificial intelligence of the history of videogames.

Alien cheers!